The deeper role of the Millennium Bug.

I need to rush this out before 31dec99. The ideas have been my mind for decades, and have been partially broached at many times.

England today parallels China in around 1500. A rising technocracy threatened rule by the humanities; in our case Oxford graduates in classics and history, plus lawyers.

As technology advances, more and more social issues develop a technical dimension, and hegemony by technology-free politicians with the exclusion from the political process of anyone with technical competence, becomes harder to sustain.

Two decades ago, the exclusion of technocrats from political decision-making was justified by major hi-tec fiascos, each costing the taxpayer one billion pounds. These were phoney defence projects orchestrated by technology-free Weinstock, close to the Queen and Duke, within his company GEC. These are discussed elsewhere on my website. So long as nobody knew that the absurd specifications of these so-called weapons, e.g. Stingray, were not influenced by technocrats, this very expensive discrediting of the technocracy was effective.

The threat of influencing political decision making is now greater, and the opportunity of jettisoning taxpayers' "defence" funding in order to discredit the technocracy, is less available.

Two new strategies evolved to fill the vacuum. The first, transparent one, is to imply that it is a great technical achievement to build a tent, and that technology-free politicians can superintend such a hi-tec programme.

The second was to prevent technocrats from pre-empting the 1jan00 fiasco. Technocrats were actively prevented from doing anything at the proper time, seven years ago. The best example is my co-author Dr. David Walton. All that remains is to develop the myth that the fiasco was not foreseen by technocrats, and that technology-free politicians pulled the fat out of the fire created by technocrats and their socially ignorant hi-technology. The truth is that today, our technology-free politics is anti-social.

As Britain gets out of hi-tec, the 1jan00 fiasco will probably be the last politically engineered fiasco needed to keep what remains of our hi-tec industry under control.

This is not conspiracy. The man on the Clapham omnibus is so fearful of technocrats having any say in government that he would rather have half of our hospitals closed, than have even one Bill Gates in England. The Englishman, given the chance, will never vote for a candidate for office who has any technical competence.

It is hoped that the 1jan00 fiasco will be big enough to keep those with technical competence away from any influence on the political process for a further decade. Otherwise further waste of taxpayers' money will be needed on further phoney projects. Weinstock's GEC is ready to administer these projects.

Ivor Catt 12dec99