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Lord Ackner,

House of Lords,


Dear Lord Ackner,

Trial by Jury and Corruption.

You are concerned at the present attack on the right of jury trial by our government.

Shortly before coming to power, Vanity Blair twice said on TV; "The criminal justice system is on the point of collapse."

As the system deteriorates, we find that senior judges resort to keeping up appearances rather than investigating misconduct by judges, barristers and court officials.

I have letters of apology from the Lord Chancellor for criminal activity by court officials. However, the effects of such behaviour are not righted. Generally, they receive a slap on the wrist, as Pickles reports.

Some of my colleagues who have homed in on legal system breakdown have been subjected to pressure; fabricated parking charges and worse. This is most likely to happen in a small town, closed community.

Only the right to trial by jury will prevent a decaying, secretive court system, as ours has become, from demonstrating to whistleblowers like me that it can destroy any citizen who is threatening to destroy a local cosy, incompetent or corrupt alliance of judge and police.

Letters to me from Lord Chancellor Lord Mackay show me clearly how incompetence develops into corruption via keeping up appearances, which is rife. Only a jury will see clearly what is happening, and throw the developing web out.

It is very unfortunate to fall for the myth that a well educated, highly intelligent, middle aged, wealthy, middle class male WASP remains unscathed. The primary error made by our very predatorial legal system during the last two decades was to target and alienate large numbers of such mainstream citizens, including myself. Our legal system has attacked and destroyed what should be its main supporting constituency.

Lord Irvine is now suppressing websites which recount examples of misconduct by judges, by putting pressure on web servers. He has to be widely exposed on the web. Each website that he suppresses must immediately have three mirror sites generated abroad. This procedure can be automated. Irvine is also using ancient unused "scandalising the courts" procedures to suppresss other cases of exposure of misconduct by courts. We live in dangerous times, as a disintegrating legal system lashes out in trying to survive.

This misconduct by Irvine will inevitably bring his high office into disrepute, and so further damage our legal system.

For more material, see my book on the collapse of the legal system, The Hook and the Sting, on my website.

Best wishes, Ivor Catt

cc Lord Irvine, House of Lords.

cc Jack Straw, House of Commons.