<= Sloss defies the law

News of the World, July 17, 1988
Cleveland Judge Sex Scandal
By John Lisners in Nairobi

Kenya Dame's randy spouse frolics with vice girls

The husband of Cleveland inquiry judge Dame Elilzabeth Butler-Sloss cheats on her with young black prostitutes.

While SHE was in Cleveland, HE was picking up tarts in one of the world's highest-risk AIDS areas.

Joseph Butler-Sloss, a High Court judge working in Nairobi, Kenya, has confessed that he regularly pays for sex with local hookers.

His Honour, 61, who has been married to Dame Elizabeth for 30 years, admitted: "I rather like prostitutes. I like them in England and I like them here.

"You pay your money and you get what you want. There is no humbug. They are some of the most honest people you meet.

"They are very nice. They treat you well."

Butler-Sloss, a former Midlands circuit judge, was appointed to the Kenya High Court in 1984."

"I don't get lonely for my wife," he said. "She comes here on holidays at Christmas and Easter."

"I'll go on until I'm rumbled. I love the weather and the lifestyle."

His wife Dame Elizabeth, 54, is Britain's first and only woman Appeal Court Judge. She is the sister of former Attorney General Lord Havers, TV cad Nigel's father.

She was appointed to head the Cleveland child abuse probe by Health Minister Tony Newton with the full backing of Mrs. Thatcher.

The Premier is one of her greatest admirers.

Dame Elizabeth lives at the marital home, a farmhouse in six acres near Exeter, where her hunting husband served as joint master of the East Devon Foxhounds.

The couple - who have two grown-up sons and a daughter - also own a London flat.

Over curried-chicken lunch in the Kenyan capital, the white-haired judge admitted paying for sex at Nairobi's notorious Starlight Club.

He confessed in a taped conversation: "It's not really the done thing for judges to be seen in...  read on