The coming of Fascism

I have only just got hold of Gilder.110/112 of George Gilder, "Men and Marriage" pub. Pelican, Louisiana, 1986, predicts a male driven fascist reaction against radical feminism.

Margaret Mead, "Male and Female", p187 says that denial of jobs to young men leads to fascism. (Three times as many young men as young women have been unemployed for more than two years, yet all the govt initiatives are to get young women into work.) Independently, for a decade, my friend Lipschutz has asserted that a male driven politically extreme party (with female support) will be a response to radical feminism. I followed by saying it would be fascist not communist.

I have put pp110/112 of Gilder onto my website

Melanie Phillips had not read Androgyny in Gilder (p115, "The Perils of Androgyny"). I found that at around p30 he had errors (which are what Ameneus calls "The Gilder Fallacy" in his book "The Garbage Generation"). This could have made Melanie stop reading, as it nearly did me. However, pp110/112 are important. The first attack on young men was to deny them basic civil rights. The next, more frightening attack for them, already under way, will be to try to get them to turn into women. [An outstanding success in this is Jack Straw's brother Ted, now head of "Relate". He is the archetypal Poodle-Man, who will now undermine other men. - IC, 8feb00] This second attack is fronted by Adrienne Burgess. This double whammy will trigger violent reaction.

(Norman Dennis told me he Norman was to blame, and wrong to promote "The Gilder Fallacy". I discuss Norman in Ill Eagle oct99 p3.)

 Yesterday, Gilder showed me that retention of guns in the US is a last ditch fight by men to retain their masculinity. I had never seen the link between feminism and gun control. Our subject is a great challenge to the researcher.

When I lived in Phoenix Arix in the 60's, the car stickers said; Register communists, not firearms." Thus, gun control was seen to be a commie conspiracy. My friend E calls radical feminism "gender racism", which is right wing.

Racism is right wing. But commentators write, correctly, that feminists took marxist theory and replaced "capitalism" by "patriarchy". It would be nice to fit the radical feminist into the old right-left scheme, but then perhaps I am falling into their error in trying to do so. Perhaps all we can say, with Gilder, is that feminism is anti-democratic. Then their move against democracy (by subverting the legal process) leads to an extreme reaction, which is also anti-democratic, by men when they finally turn and fight back. Anyway, I know that the fight back will be by patriarchal fascists, not by the left wing. I am convinced that radical feminism will drive us into a harsh patriarchy, which is a much more rational and structured policy than radical feminism. Radical feminism fails because they failed to structure their policies and objectives rationally. Thus, as radical feminism collapses under its own inconsistencies, it will create a void which sucks in extremism, democracy having been discredited for failing to control radical feminism.

The terrorism and the bombings (e.g. Oklahoma) and the shootings in U.S. schools are a foretaste of what is to come, as the number of desperate and alienated boys and young men increases. They are all carried out by young men from broken families, generally unemployed. [Generally the shooting schoolboys have been drugged by their doctors with a prescribed drug. This is a foretaste of the kind of holding actions, like tagging, which may be undertaken in the future as young men become more alienated and desperate. - IC 8feb00.]

Ivor Catt, 23nov99

[Ivor Catt 9aug01. The above is incomplete. As young disenfranchised young men seek a rite of passage into adulthood, which is now totally denied to them, they will mostly go to the extreme right. However, a rite of passage can also be achieved at the extreme left. In Germany the right won, as it will in Britain. ]

apr02 See the German precedent; . However, the book cited insists that National Socialism is left wing (possibly because the authors are right wing). I Catt.


May02. Fascism comes closer. See