To Ian Sulky          From Ivor Catt                 24jan98

It is the communication of facts which most threatens an established knowledge broker.

He who claims that facts do not exist is an intellectual terrorist, his objective being to prevent all communication. (It is not in the interests of a paid knowledge broker for information flow to occur other than to him and from him. Further, such information flow needs to be within his paradigm, or his career ends and his mortgage is no longer paid. Then his wife divorces him, and he loses all contact with his children.)

"From the known to the unknown", a precept in theory of how to teach, indicates that the assertion that nothing is known, is an attempt to prevent communication. From nothing, to nothing more. Thus, the established knowledge base is totally secure - until reality finally overwhelms it and the culture which nurtured the heresy, that no facts exist.

Melanie Phillips, All must have prizes, pub. Little, Brown, 1996, ".... the truth that there are no truths ....". The definitive book on the collapse of the English educational system.

The Seven Per Cent Rule, Wireless World, apr88, p350. Five years before, my brother in law only got a Diploma, not a PhD, in music because his thesis (later published as New Found Voices, pub. Belvedere 1984), did not contain a computer programme! Computers were so very fashionable. In spite of this, I found that language PhD men in Hall at Trinity Cambridge were not interested in going into the gap between computers and language.

The Sokal Hoax

Dear Ivor, Could you please remove the stuff that comes up under my name on the web,

Regards, Ian Sulky.  14nov02