Ivor Catt, 121 Westfields,

St. Albans AL3 4JR 0727 864257

2mar 94; Second copy 30mar94

Third copy 25apr94

Anne Hosking, Drayton House,

30 Gordon St.,

London WC1H 0BQ

Dear Anne Hosking,

The plight of children of divorced parents.

Thank you for your letter dated 24feb94, replying to mine of 10feb94.

It appears that after a delay of two years or so, my information about the above subject is still not kosher, and calls for no response (or even receipt) by you or the new Children's Secretaries, whoever they may be. Officials in Friends House keep their heads down even though by now, much of the information attempts to assail them from many headlines in the press. (The same applies to Helen Drewery's fending off of my information about AIDS, which is now headlined in the Sunday Times and many other newspapers.)

Please confirm that your understanding of the Quaker Way is that unsolicited information proffered by a Member to Children's Secretaries and other officials in Friends House should not be received unless it has traversed the path from the originator through his Preparative Meeting, then through his Monthly Meeting, then through Meeting for Sufferings, and then arrived at the desk of the appropriate salaried official in Friends House.

Do you distinguish between the transfer of information and the exercising of a Concern?

Ivor Catt Member, St. Albans PM

cc The Editor, The Friend,

Drayton House, 30 Gordon St., London WC1H 0BQ

cc Amber Carroll, 165 Riverside Road, St Albans AL1 1RZ

cc Beth Morton, Elder, 158 The Ridgeway, St. Albans AL4 9XJ

25sep94. Note to Brian Fisher. Because it is less than three years old, the CSA does not exist as a concept within the Quaker Universe of Discourse. This is although coroners are attributing a number of suicides to the CSA, and Ros the head has resigned because she cannot cope with the attribution of suicides. I have never attempted to intrude the CSA into the Society of Friends, but only mention it as a blatant example of bourgeois Quaker myopia. [oct98. Many years later, the Home Secretary Straw said on radio that the CSA was "a shambles". The Society of Friends walked by on the other side while the suicides escalated.] I could cite many more. Wait a few years, and the Society will move in along with the other reforming stragglers! This copy printed 19/10/98

The dogma that science links up with religion is defended by censorship.