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Dear Deborah Padfield, 10feb94

A problem has been created by the truncation of my LETTER TO THE EDITOR, copy below. It was important that the public in general (and Quakers in particular) be informed of the good scientific credentials of those (including Quakers) objecting to nonsense propagated by Hawking, Paul Davis, Frank Parkinson, Capra and the rest. I don't know how we can handle the correspondence which results.

Note the disparity of space allocation. Frank Parkinson received many pages in THE FRIEND, including 6nov92.

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1feb 94

Letter toThe Editor,

The Friend, Drayton House,

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London WC1H 0BQ

Dear Deborah Padfield [who blocked it. oct98],

The gap between religion and science.

In The Friend, p119, Oscar Wallis reports on two lectures given to Leicester and Stafford General Meeting by Frank Parkinson on "the narrowing gap between religion and science". They follow his series of articles on the same subject in The Friend.

I feel it is important that The Friend should allow me to register that there is a contrary view. True science and true religion remain healthy and poles apart. Similarly, book manufacture and novel writing have no common ground, although each is a valid art [wrongly published as act.]. One who sought to unite them would be ridiculed in the same way as the union of science and religion is ridiculous. In its current death-throes, "Modern Physics" tries to link up with the professional religion of "miracle, mystery and authority" (to quote the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoyevsky's "Brothers Karamazov"), which is also possibly in its death-throes. Thus, a bankrupt, professional science seeks comfort from a bankrupt, professional religion.

[The first two paragraphs (above) were published in THE FRIEND on 11feb94, p186. The remainder (below) was omitted. Also omitted was the above sentence in italics.]

GBS is supposed to have said that all professions are a conspiracy against the public.

The amateur wing of religion, led by the Society of Friends, has if anything a more natural affinity for amateur science; those true scientists who are kept out of the university faculties by an authoritarian, mystery-laden professional science rump which much resembles the professional rump in the Anglican and Catholic religions.

I published a letter in Electronics and Wireless World; "The betrayal of science by Modern Physics", July 1987, p683, where I put true science and religion at opposite ends of a spectrum. It is widely argued that Modern Physics, which was dogmatised and codified at the 1927 Brussels-Solvay Conference, is totally sterile.

Jesus was not present to protest when his ideas were ossified and largely inverted by the professionals at Nicaea in 325. The equivalent operation in 1927 in Brussels, The Counsel of Science at Solvay, was less smooth because Einstein was present. He strongly objected to the intrusion of Mystery; wave-particle duality; uncertainty and so much more unscientific claptrap (which thrills Parkinson, Arriens and Outbridge). As they did with Jesus, the professionals should have waited until after Einstein's death before they froze, reversed and dogmatised his ideas (so as to entrench their careers). They were therefore forced to falisify the record over his protests. (See my article "The Conquest of Truth" in "Electronics and Wireless World", January 1988.)

A more thorough analysis of the destructive, unscientific and temporary nature of Modern Physics (that Frank Parkinson in "The Friend", Jan Arriens and Victor Outbridge in "The Seeker" {also autumn 1991} want to marry our Society to) was published by my close colleague Theocharis; "Where science has gone wrong", in Nature, vol. 329, no. 6140, pp 595-598, 15 October 1987. The moral from the rapid implosion of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism is that apparently powerful monoliths, partucularly deeply corrupt ones like Modern Physics, can suddenly disappear without trace. Why should the Society of Friends risk being damaged by any science, let alone a corrupt science like Modern Physics?

Parkinson and Outbridge are of course in the tradition of Capra-Tao and the Wu Lu Masters. The high priestly clique now promoting this unscientific nonsense, which Theocharis calls "Voodoo Science", and linking it with religion, are a tightly knit group; Gribbin, Paul Davies, Penrose, Hawking. They control the popular media.

Yours sincerely,

Ivor Catt

Member, St. Albans PM

Ivor Catt charms a previous editor of the main Quaker journal, THE FRIEND.