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why play with rogues?

It is common knowledge that trials involving fathers are secret. The Public is banned. The press may not report. No witnesses to the rubbish which passes as 'evidence'. No witnesses to when judges break the law. No witnesses when a barristers is drunk or otherwise incompetent. No witnesses to 'civilized' society breaking the bonds between men and their children. Documents originating in these secret courts are deemed so sensitive that it is a crime to show them to one's parents, friends or the public.

Since the 1970s, fathers have been advised to submit to a disempowerment ritual. I objected to the charade of paying the divorce-industry lawyers to obtain 'contact orders' which turn out to be not worth the paper they are written on. I said to myself: Control your destiny, or someone else will. I refused to turn myself into a parody of the person I am. Behind closed doors I have single-mindedly changed the landscape where children were cut off from their fathers. I have not lost my kids. I have a duty to tell you about it.

These pages introduce my succesful strategy for remaining a father after divorce.

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