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.... Ill Eagle 2000 Ill Eagle 2001 Ill Eagle 2001 second part The Catt anomaly 2001. List of contents, Preface for 2001. IEE Open Forum on EMC, dec02. Draft Index. Under construction. Family breakdown. Diane Abbott MP on bkack boys' failure. Family breakdown. Various brands of feminism. Family breakdown. ESRC Caswill re Stinko Family breakdown. Observer maligns marriage. Family breakdown. Treatment of men compared with treatment of women in Afghanistan. Appeal by battered woman who shot husband Civitas report on cohabitation Baskerville on the divorce industry EMC - A Fatally Flawed Discipline The price of casual sex. STD Epidemic Repeat of 2010 Escalating male suicide The positive side of divorce Equal Parenting Demo. Bristol. Jan02 TEM Wave. A Lost Concept. London Yardie Drug Gangs Partner Abuse Against Men ". The marriage ring is itself inherently abusive and 'evidence of rape' and violence." IWF attacks women quotas in military Scouts and Homosexuals Deadbeat Dads EMC - A Fatally Flawed Discipline History of EMC History of EMC John Waters on the Irish Child Protection Industry Fallacy that sexual differences do not exist Irish false DV statistics Gelles on Male DV Stats Pizzey on battered men Pizzey, Greer, Pizzey on DV Cardinal Winning opposes Gay age of consent Violence conference. Harman DV meeting staffed by women Violence conference, as 2027 The coming of fascism Government promotes child abuse Canada's Sloss, Dub, goes Radfem controlled Women's Studies Anne Widdcombe on fathers cut off from their children Definition of Rape broadens Dub goes, as 2032 Dub goes Dub rumbled Imprisoned fathers charged child support NZ approach to DV too expensive Court shambles round the world Abortion statistics Government censorship Thorpe backs mothers Case for co-parenting Thorpe exceeded his powers in appeal court as 2046 Baskerville on Child Abuse Wife sets fire to husband Men face abuse as often as women Hate my fiather? - Glenn J Sacks Brainwashing children on Abuse ManKind advises LCD ManKind joins demo against film Spousal abuse falls as definition broadens Married women more violent than husbands Married women more violent than husbands DV in Mass. NOW bribed into silence over Clinton Driscoll on Cyriax United Nations against men Dawn of the Feminist Police State The new movement against men Vicious discrimination against widowers Deliberate policy to drive parents apart Dovprce-Related Malicious Mother Syndrome Fascism gets nearer - Burnley Noble cause Porn The Kernel Machine - see ewk False allegations - Claire Curtis-Thomas MP Abortion information Electromagnetism Index nil template Jane Freedman, "Feminism", a radfem book. Quotes MacKinnon. (Doubts heterosexual feminism.) Neil Lyndon on DV stats inflation, 1995 Helena Kennedy shows her ignorance re parenthood Estranged father murders his children False allegations of Sexual Abuse, by Claire Curtis-Thomas MP Scandalous misconduct by Canadian Judge Nationalisation of the family in Weimar Sloss shows bigotry; patron of Child Contact Centres; Sloss in nov2001 Regents Park Conference Ill Eagle 20, sep02, Editorial "A question of good faith" Whiston to Home Affairs Select Committee re Cases of Abuse in Children's Homes Dysfunction close to Blair Regents Park Conference on DV, nov2001. Also see 2108 Dysfunction clolse to Blaikr. Also see 2201 Marghanita Laski contrasted with the dreadful Leeds women When your wife kidnaps your child Dysfunction close to Blair. Cherie qu0otes false Stinko 1-in-4 data. Also see 2201, 2203 Coalition of Shared Parenting's "Principles" The witch craze; Bea Campbell Third world women oppose feminists Sloss stokes the Witch-Craze Fascism advances in NSW The growing fascist threat Babe Cherie in the woods Cherie in the woods Child protection policy is a mess Child Protection Industry Child Protection Industry Adoption into the seat of oppression Adoption into the seat of oppression Family breakdown. The crisis deepens Baskerville on The Politics of Family Destruction Minette Marrin on Misandry Retreat Danger in women outstripping men Radfem National Institute of Health DV against men Quaker Way of Censorship Faith without an Historical Jesus Crosstalk (Noise) in Digital Systems The electron; Theory Self-resonant frequency of a capacitor Capacitor self-resonant frequency The Heaviside Signal Nonsense about self resonant frequency Theory of Flight; Anderson and Eberhardt Forgotten theory; Electromagnetism Death of Electric Current; Theory C Retreat The new railway theory; Mike Gibson answers fogging question; Electromagnetism Displacement Current drivel Electromagnetism Fundamentals; Balloon Mathverse Measuring Voltage; Measuring a TEM Wave The Single Velocity Universe IEE Rumbles Catt; Book Review; Catt Anomaly Future plans re e-m Mike Gibson; Two turn inductor; instructions Two turn inductor; Instructions for Mike Gibson's graphs Two turn inductor instructions Epitaph on an Editor; Martin Eccles Displacement C~urrent - and how to get rid of it; Wireless World dec78 Nonsense about self-resonant frequency of a capacitor Cyril Bateman; Misunderstanding Capacitors



















Electromagnetic Theory Vol. 2, I Catt, 1980