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Subject: Fw: [euro-dads&mums] request from Donna Laframboise

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From: R.J.Whiston <>

To: <>

Date: 15 October 2001 00:54

Subject: Fw: [euro-dads&mums] request from Donna Laframboise


>Dear Donna,


>Please see mesage sent out to members.


>(London, England)



>From: the Chairman


>To: All ManKind members.



>Dear Members,


>Many of you will know the vital work that journalist Donna Laframboise has

>undertaken over the last few years to straighten out the public's view of

>the corrupted statistics pumped out by many Gov'ts including her own in



>It is, therefore, with deep regret that we all learn that her employment at

>"The National Post" has been terminated.

>ManKind has always found Donna's work very helpful when compiling

>submissions in response to British Gov't Green papers.


>I would like all of you to read her email (below) and I would hope some of

>us can find ways of rallying round and supporting her.


>You could, of course, begin by sending a message of encouragement to Donna

>at her old address at The Post.

>< >.

>As an organisation we can begin by pledging the data and research


>at our disposal to Donna should she need them for future articles.


>Yours sincerely,

>Robert Whiston.




>From Donna Laframboise:


>Dear readers,


>On Sept. 17, I was among 130 employees of The National Post

>relieved of duty due to budget constraints. Since then, a number

>of you have expressed interest in continuing to read my weekly

>columns. However, given the politically-incorrect flavor of my

>work, few newspapers are likely to hire me.


>I need to decide whether to remain a journalist or to pursue

>another line of work. In theory, the Internet gives me a new

>option: online commentator. For many readers, especially those

>outside Canada, I have long been an online presence. (Some of

>my columns are still available at The Post's web site by

>selecting my name in the second list.)


>Because a newspaper is no longer compensating me for the

>time it takes to research and write my column, the rent money

>has to come from elsewhere. The online commentator model is

>similar to the one employed by public television stations.

>Without funds raised directly from viewers, these stations

>wouldn't exist.


>Many people have told me they consider my writing a breath of

>fresh air. The question is whether a year of fresh air is worth the

>price of a music CD. I don't know the answer to that question,

>but this is my attempt to find out.


>My proposal is a modest one. Whereas some Post writers earn

>$750 per column, I am proposing to write a weekly online

>column for $600 dollars Canadian (see U.S. dollar equivalents).

>This means I would be paid, over the course of a year, $31,200

>for two days work per week. I am therefore in search of:

>3,120 readers willing to send me a $10 cheque or

>2,080 people willing to send me a $15 cheque or

>some combination of the above


>At $10 a year, each weekly column will cost a reader 20 cents


>Here's your chance to be an online pioneer.If you think my voice,

>as a weekly columnist, is worth 20 cents a week, please send

>me a cheque and urge your friends to do the same. If, by 5

>January 2002, I have raised 1/3 of a year's pay, I will commence

>writing a weekly column that will appear on this web site. The

>column: will be 750 - 1,500 words long (standard newspaper

>length is 700-850) will appear every Tuesday morning by 8 a.m.

>Eastern Standard Time and will be of the same high quality that

>characterized my weekly 1992-1996 Toronto Star columns as

>well as my more recent National Post columns


>Because a column is a contribution to a broader debate, these

>pieces will be available to everyone visiting the web site. This

>means people who send me a cheque will be subsidizing

>non-payers in the same way those who send money to public

>television stations subsidize viewers who watch for free. (It's not

>about whether everyone pays. It's about whether enough people

>are willing to pay to make this a viable use of my time.)


>My address is:

>Donna Laframboise

>429 Danforth Avenue, Suite 415

>Toronto, Ontario

>M4K 1P1



>Other things you should know (the fine print):


>I will cash the cheques shortly after they arrive and deposit them

>in a separate bank account I will post the accumulated totals on

>this web site each Friday beginning 9 Nov. through to 5 January

>2002 if, by 5 January, the goal of 1/3 of a year's pay ($10,400

>Cdn./$6,900 U.S.) has not been achieved, the project will be



>in such an event, I will not be able to refund your money due to

>the costs associated with mailing potentially hundreds of

>cheques in more than once currency back to more than one

>country instead, the money raised will be divided equally

>between two charities, the American Red Cross and ABC

>Canada. Afterward, I will scan in and post to this website the

>receipts received from these groups


>If we meet our 1/3 goal by 5 January:

>we will need to continue recruiting new paying readers prior to

>the end of March 2002 on each Friday during February and

>March, I will post the accumulated totals of new money received

>should these funds not add up the remaining 2/3rds ($20,800

>Cdn./$13,900 US) by Friday 29 March 2002, the money raised

>between 5 January and 29 March will be divided between the

>two charities, as above, and I will stop writing the column


>Should we make it through the first year successfully, I will

>pursue creditcard or e-payment options for 2003


>E N D