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Dear Visitor

You are part of an experiment.

This Page brings to you a 3 1/2 minute extract from Erin Pizzey's talk at the ManKind Conference.

We have used new Technology to add sound to our web pages. And best of all: you will not even need a high speed connection to the Internet to benefit from this innovation.

Depending on the type of connection you have to the web, the extract from the speech should start to be audible some 30 seconds after you arrived at this page.

Your computer speakers must of course be connected, and your browser's VJM should be enabled, or you will, of course, not be able to hear audio.

We realize that quality of this test recording is only just acceptable, and we promise that quality can and will get better.

We are going to improve our skills, we will add Javascript to assist your browser to route you to files optimized for your setup...

Hope you enjoy what we are currently able to offer.

Once testing has helped iron out some issues, we will certainly post more sound on this site.

Please come back soon as our offerings will improve .

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