Speaking the truth, A Plain Quaker's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Lives.

Published by Quaker Lesbian and Gay Fellowship, 1993.


.... people who assault children. Most of these are heterosexual men. .... children sexually abused by adults are overwhelmingly likely to suffer at the hands of their own father or other close relative such as an older sibling.


Globally, HIV is mostly spread by conventional heterosexual intercourse. The safest form of interpersonal sexual behaviour as far as HIV is concerned is lesbian love-making.

This false poison is put on sale in the Friends House bookstore, and buttresses the anti-family propaganda What Price the Family? by a sexually dysfunctional Grace Jansen writing in The Friend 3dec93 p1557. Meanwhile, the research results of Patricia Morgan, and Melanie Phillips and the rest are kept out of Friends House bookstore, library, and out of the Quaker Universe of Discourse.

Ivor Catt feb98


Melanie Phillips's seminal new book "The Sex Change Society", pub. SMF 1nov99, (12 from 0870 165 8585), will be kept out of the Quaker Universe of Discourse until the year 2005. This is now the landmark book on the subject of family breakdown. I.C. Dec99.

Did Melanie's book make it into the Quaker Universe by 2005 as I predicted? I suspect not. The Quaker Thought Police are very efficient. Ivor Catt 28jan06