Ivor Catt 26nov96

Some five years ago I telephoned the deputy editor of THE FRIEND to warn her that in a totalitarian state, the PC party line could change rapidly, and leave THE FRIEND high and dry. This has now happened in the field of man- and family- bashing, with THE FRIEND being deserted by THE GUARDIAN, who are now publishing the PC incorrect rejoinder to the (then PC) family- and man-bashing in which occurred in THE FRIEND by, for instance, Grace Jansen 3dec93.

The danger is that the GUARDIAN might go on to betray the forces of darkness over the AIDS industry as well. (The red ribbon is a badge of "Aids ignorance".) (Last week I again spent a day with Margot, whose HIV+ husband was killed by the administration of Wellcome's toxic AZT for 2 years at $11,000 p.a., with the full support of Friends House HIV committee next door [to Wellcome HQ], whose chairman Drewery blocked a one-page document from me directed at members of her committee. Censorship can kill.)

While the PC Guardian has switched over the family-bashing, my schedule has the Society of Friends as lagging three years behind the PC dogma of the day. Thus, my prediction that the Morgan research results will be kept out of the Quaker Universe of Discourse until the year 2,000 is on course.

The Quaker Thought Police can easily disprove my model. Padfield can immediately commission an article by Morgan (Phone 0171 799 3745 and ask to write to her), as I suggested some years ago, so as to moderate the damage by Jansen et al. in THE FRIEND. Locally, Fowler can buy the Morgan 1995 book, paying the full price, by ringing 0171 799 3745, pay her 9 +p&p (full price, using credit card), and sneak it into the St. Albans Friends Meeting House library when no-one is looking. (Not lose face by getting it through me for less!) However, neither will do this, because they are committed to keeping Friends three years behind the Jones's.

My deviation from PC definitely has limits. For instance, I would never be so outré as to recommend a heterosexual male's writings or research results, for instance Norman Dennis or Daniel Amneus, and I join the Quaker Thought Police in regretting that the former is now receiving notice at large, fortunately not as much as Morgan. I stand shoulder to shoulder with the Quaker Thought Police against discrimination and oppression.