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"Would anyone on this list have an idea as to how we may in the future get down to direct observation at the femtoscale?" - Ian Montgomery

It looks af though Pepper is your man. " .... He will show how single-electron processes and wave-functions can be detected ....". [But he's unable to handle a whole row of them. ]

CERN and similar approaches to measurement are scams, and have nothing to do with advancing science. As discussed in my book "Computer Worship" , pub. Pitman 1973, when Mrs. Goodship, librarian, IEE London, unlocked the door to the Heaviside Library, containing Heaviside's marginal comments on his own copies of Maxwell's books, all the books were thick with dust. Nobody from the multi-billion dollar doughnuts being excavated on the Swiss-French border, or in Texas, had touched Heaviside's books since before CERN began. They have still never heard of "energy current", Heaviside's greatest contribution.
Ivor on Energy Current ; Wikipedia on Energy Current

I got the fastest sampling scope in 1964, the Tek 601 with 4S2
(100picosec) plug-in. The pictures I gained looking at high speed
electromagnetic signals have been ignored for the next 40 years, and by this circulation. Nobody in CERN knows about them. Their implications do not figure in any college course or text book in the world. Digital Hardware Design

It is important to distinguish between (1) science, and scientific
observation, and (2) scam. Lower echelons in a scam often do not know they are involved in a scam. The former (1) is not done any more. However, there is a lot of money to be made in the entertianment industry (Modern Physics) by talking nano and femto. My hero Pepper is at it. That's where the money is, and even more, where the prestige is - in the entertainment industry.
I should be very grateful that Sir ever condescended to write some drivel on "The Catt Question".

Do a Google search for "pepper frs", and then try to get back to real science. For instance, you can write to Pepper and ask him if he now believes his 1993 exegesis on Cattq is faulty.





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