30 years later



30 years later


Pictures of Theobalds Park 30 years later, with my Liba
Course brochure

Still, today, thirty years later, none of the material taught at those seminars for ten years, or in the books below, is taught in any university or other training course in the world. The early lessons learned from the development of high speed ( 1 nanosecond ) digital logic in Phoenix and elsewhere have not been learned. The cost extends far beyond computer manufacture and use. - Ivor

Digital Hardware Design



The rise and fall of bodies of knowledge

The Clever take the Brillilant

Letter to Lord Rees


Displacement current

Maxwell's Equations revisited


"The Remedy The blocking of new information by all our institutions means the end of civilisation. It is of the utmost importance that the facts of the situation be established soon and that remedial action be taken. The remedy is simple - to introduce accountability. I fear that at present a knowledge broker is rewarded for blocking new information.

The necessary reform will be that should a knowledge broker be proved to have blocked new information, he will be dismissed.

Philosophical extracts from "The Catt Anomaly"



Ivor Catt 3 May 2007.



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