Neville Hodgkinson speaks in St. Albans


8pm Friday February 7, 1997. Friends Meeting House, Upper Lattimore Rd., St. Albans.

Free. All are welcome.

400 yds from the station and from the city centre.

For further information, 01727 864257




A i d s

The failure of contemporary science.




From 1985-9 Neville Hodgkinson reported on AIDS as medical correspondent of the Sunday Times. From 1991, as the newspaper's science correspondent, he wrote a series of highly controversial questioning reports based on the arguments of some groups of scientists and experts who were seeking a reappraisal of the HIV theory. He is the author of AIDS, the failure of contemporary science, pub. Fourth Estate 1996.


AIDS is a 7 billion dollar p.a. Industry. Although a busted flush, it is still killing large numbers of victims. In his 1996 autobiography Full Disclosure, pub. Macmillan, Sunday Times ex-editor Andrew Neil said the two heroes of the scandal were Hodgkinson and Dr. Stewart of Glasgow University. [May 98. Actually A Neil said so in his 23june96 article in Sunday Times. However, he covered NH heavily in his book as well. IC]


Written by Ivor Catt, 121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR, (01727 864257



[4sep02   To Eileen Kent, St. Albans City Hospital. All relevant professionals and amateurs in St. Albans were invited free. They all boycotted the meeting. This included the most relevant doctors in St. Albans City Hospital, also those working at the hospice specially devoted to AIDS. Also all officials of Gay organisations in St. Albans. I invited them all.  Ivor Catt sep02]