Stanko fabricates the false figure,

"1 in 4 women experience Domestic Violence in the home."

Chris Caswill, i/c Research Division,
Economic and Social Research Council,
Polaris House, North Star Avenue,
Swindon SN2 1UJ

Professor Betsy Stanko received 3 million pounds of ESRC money to administer
20 Violence Research Projects.

Stanko falsified a result (1 in 4 women experience DV in the home) which
gained very wide currency on the front page of major newspapers. (She now
refuses to repudiate it publicly, although she does so in private.) It was
also quoted by Baroness Margaret Jay on numerous occasions. It also got into
Metropolitan Police literature. It is also now the basis for Mayor
Livingstone's Domestic Violence initiative. It continues to be quoted
widely, with devastating results for society.

I approached the Principal of Royal Holloway College more than a year ago.
He replied that he would never again communicate with me. I have also
approached the Head of Research at RHC, and three other key administrators
at RHC, with no success.
The journal "Ill Eagle", which I edit, gives a thorough analysis of the
errors in Stanko's "research". I will supply the sections analysing Stanko's
behaviour on request. This criticism was repeated by Melanie Phillips in her
Sunday Times column, and also on p139 of her landmark book, "The Sex-Change
Society", pub. SMF nov99. Also see pp 142, 192 and 195.

Brian Robertson, concerned about the damage being done to society by
Stanko's falsification of research results, recently organised a
demonstration at the RHC Open Day, to warn prospective RHC undergraduates
that by undermining the probity of research, Stanko threatened the
reputation of RHC and of those qualifications gained there (which include
those of my mother and my sister). This demonstration, which will be
repeated at all future Open Days, involved a loudspeaker at the front gates,
and thorough leafleting of RHC libraries and students' quarters and cars. It
is reported on in "Ill Eagle".

It has only just occurred to me that Stanko also threatens the reputation of
ESRC, an arm of government. I have emailed a separate email to your
secretary Julie Moore which contains dates of very relevant conference
meetings organised by Stanko. Perhaps as a first step you could press Stanko
to invited me or my associates to these conferences in the very near future.
However, that will not suffice. It is necessary for ESRC to undertake a
thorough investigation of our charges.

I have read a great deal of Stanko's writings. Her writings show that she
has ideological reasons to justify falsifying statistics. I can supply
copies of the key passages. One issue to be decided, is whether ESRC (the
Economic and Social Research Council) endorses her ideology justifying
falsification of statistics. This is serious, because she is not merely in
receipt of ESRC funding. She is employed by ESRC to administer 19 research
projects elsewhere.

Ivor Catt. Editor, "Ill Eagle". 29oct01

cc Kerry Pollard, MP
House of Commons,
cc The Principal,
Royal Holloway College,
Egham, Surrey
cc Stanko,
Royal Holloway College,
Egham, Surrey