News of the World (Not Sunday People) 17july88, pp1, 2.


"Cleveland Judge Sex Scandal"

".... .


Over a curried-chicken lunch in the Kenyan capital, the white-haired judge admitted paying for sex at Nairobi's notorious Starlight Club.

He confessed in a taped conversation:

"It's not really the done thing for judges to be seen in those places, but I enjoyed myself quite often. There are other places now, but I really can't go there. There are lots of girls and they will gather around.

"It's not at all expensive. You pay 300 Kenyan shillings (10) and they ask you for ten bob (30p) for the white man.

"I can't take girls to my home because it would create a scandal. You have to go to a hotel. They offer to take you to their place, but you have to be careful."

Of the AIDS risk, he said: "You have to take some precautions, but the girls are very nice."

Butler-Sloss listed some of the perks of his Kenya job.

"I am supplied with a car and a driver," he said.

"This means you can go to a party and come home rolling drunk and be bundled into your bed."

Most judges in Kenya are paid 6,000 a year. But those appointed from overseas receive a 20,000 supplement.

"I was appointed n England so I can be quite independent," said Butler-Sloss.


"When I'm told my time is up, I'll just go."

One of his former girlfriends, called Naomi, told me: "He's a very nice man, very cultured. He took me to dinner a few times and to a hotel.

"It was sad our relationship ended. I think he likes other girls."

A Nairobi court colleague of Butler-Sloss told of the frisky judge's trips to clubs.

"He has a lot of charisma, and the girls seem to like him very much," the colleague said.

"He's white and a High Court judge, so that makes it easier.

"He's here without his wife, but I've seen him when she comes.

"The wife comes through the front door and his girls go out the back.

"He is very discreet with her around because he doesn't want scandal."

An attractive black girl lawyer in her mid 20s claimed she knew the judge intimately.

"He's a very sexy man who loves to enjoy himself," she said.


CLOUDY, some drizzle .... "



Is this what turned her into such a nasty piece of work, and caused her to attack other fathers so viciously? Pity children got caught in her fire. Ivor Catt 18july01


Anger over car crash judge

- Guardian, 12nov98, p4.

'Monstrous injustice' on accident that left nanny scarred, claims MP. Amelia Gentleman reports.

A police decision not to prosecute Britain's most senior woman judge over a car crash which left a nanny scarred for life was last night condemned as "a monstrous injustice".

Officers investigating the crash have invited Lady Justice Butler-Sloss, aged 65, to attend a driver improvement course instead of going to court. .

Ms Barwick was left with serious facial injuries . She still has fragments of glass lodged behind one eye and may lose her sight in both eyes.

Describing the result as an injustice, Labour MP Paul Flynn demanded an explanation from the police.

"It is tempting to believe that the treatment was influenced by the fact that the person hurt was a nanny and the driver responsible was an elevated person in society. It would be interesting to know what would have happened if their positions had been reversed."


It appears that Hampshire police considered charging Dame Elizabeth, the sixth most senior member of the judiciary, with careless driving, but the decision not to do so was taken this week by an assistant chief constable. Usually this kind of decision is made by a junior officer.


Ms Barwick has now left the service of Robert Butler-Sloss, the judge's son. She told the Daily Mail yesterday that she was shocked and disappointed by the police's decision. "I am disappointed because I thought that her position as a judge would make no difference."




Checking her age, Sloss has only a couple of years more in which to carry on attacking children and their fathers. The major damage in the future will come from her successor. Thorpe is an old buffer too.

"Earlier this year, there was welcome acknowledgement from . Sloss, president of the high court's family division, that the old system needed reform." - "System failure", by Julie Wheelwright, Guardian, 9may01.

Sloss dare not discuss problems in her family courts with expert fathers who have been her victims, because she would betray her crass ignorance of the fundamentals involved. As a lame duck, she will tend to hold the lid down, using the bullying Judge Munby approach to our member Mark Harris, which is to jail us and try to blacken us in the media. I strongly urge her prospective successor to start studying the subject, so that when the time comes she will be able to risk discussing with us how to resolve the crisis. One source of enlightenment for the prospective New Woman Judge Supremo would be us. We are very willing to get into confidential discussions immediately, telling her what she needs to read etc (as we did with Hewson). It is of the utmost importance that the ignorance of Thorpe and the vindictiveness of Sloss be not repeated.

Ivor Catt 9aug01