John R Blaney, RH2863

HM Prison Dartmoor,

Princetown, Yelverton,

Devon PL20 6RR

August 24th, 2000-09-04

Dear Mr. Catt,

It was suggested to me that I might write to you in respect of my case.

The suggestion was made to me by Charles Hanson, whom I believe you know. I'm not sure how or why Charles believes my case may be of interest to you exactly although he has stated you have some interest in those falsely accused of rape.


…. I'll just give a brief outline at this time. …. I'm at present just over 20 months into an eight year sentence for rape, indecent assault, and false imprisonment. I am not guilty of any of those charges or any other offence for that matter. The false allegations were made by a girlfriend at that time whom I'd only been with for just under eight weeks.

When the case came to court it was adjourned due to material coming to light which had not been disclosed by the CPS. One issue was that she had made a previous allegation which had come to the attention of the police. The second issue being that she is Temporal Lobe Epileptic. The adjournment was ordered for further investigation, and a Public Interest Immunity order was granted in respect of medical records in favour of disclosure to defence.

The disclosure was never made and is a significant issue in view of what I know to be contained in the medical records and also in respect of a legal issue which renders my subsequent trial illegal.

As regards the previous false allegation the investigation found that there were actually several previous allegations against more than one person. However, it remained only the one which had come to the attention of the police. [I find this sentence unclear - Ivor Catt 4sep00] Some extremely interesting and disturbing interviews were obtained and show a history of significance to the case.

Particularly due to the flagrant incompetence, negligence and disregard of my instructions by my then solicitor and barrister much evidence was not presented in trial. This is a large issue and is currently subject of complaint to the General Council of the Bar as well as a ground of my appeal. There will be a complaint to the office for the Supervision of Solicitors too following my appeal. However, such bodies won't make a finding until my appeal is concluded as it may proffer prejudice to the appeal.

No doubt you've heard of the "Leave it with me" approach of solicitors and barristers, who then fail to do anything. Well, simply enough, that has a large part in my wrongful conviction. You'll also no doubt be aware that those of the legal profession won't consider speaking against "their own". So from that stand-point further solicitors would not present my appeal as I wished.

Notwithstanding the above I was trying to get advice and assistance on appeal from a further solicitor and barrister. That avenue was effectively terminated by a fraudulent claim by my original legal representatives of having given advice on appeal when they had not, and had in fact been dismissed. It's complicated to relate in brief so I'll leave that there for now until I know if it's of interest to you. [Yes it is. Ivor Catt. 4sep00]

I raised the above and other issues more directly concerned with the case with my M.P. [Name? I hope he's not useless like mine, Kerry Pollard MP. Ivor Catt 4sep00.] Some of the issues were referred to the Home Secretary, who then referred them to the Lord Chancellor. The results were a waste of time, and in the meantime I took over the case file myself. At least dealing with tings myself I know what things have been done, and it's my case, as it should have been at trial, which is now with the Court of Appeal.

The position at present is that I'm waiting for my appeal to go before the first judge inclusive of a vast amount of evidence which was withheld from the jury.

Obviously this is a very sketchy account but I hope that you'll at least be able to form an opinion as to whether it's of any interest to you. My position as it is at present is; I believe that nothing you do will be of any benefit to me. However, if you believe that any of what I've experienced may help to protect others from false allegations and the effects of those of the legal profession pretending to be working in their interests, then let me know.

I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter, regardless of your interest or otherwise….

Yours sincerely, [signed] John R Blaney.