Jailed for GBH


Roland Primus, Wing H2-04,

HMP Dartmoor, Princetown,

Devon PL20 6RR

30th July 2000

Dear ManKind,

I am writing to let you know that I've recently read your information pack and have been given new hope of male equality from what you've written.

In the last two and a half years I have found myself reduced from a man with a bright future, to a criminal. The reason for this is due to a woman, with a nasty vindictive streak, hew money grubbing and manipulative solicitor, and South Wales Police looking to get a conviction to boost their statistics.

I don't for one moment claim to be an angel by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel I've been ill treated by the law in regards to my separation and the actions of the police

In November 1997 I realised there was no future left in my marriage. My wife and I were living separate lives under the same roof. I was only putting up with her unreasonable actions for the sake of my 4 children. I have lost count of the times that my good friends commented on how unhappy I had become, and although it may have sounded selfish, I should look after my own interest as I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

In dec that year just after Christmas I went out for a drink with my friends and whilst I was out I met the most wonderful girl you could imagine. The new year came and went. I arranged to meet the new girl in the beginning if jan 98 and found we had a lot in common. Although my wife and I were virtually separated, I couldn't bear the thought of cheating on my wife, so I decided to tell her I was seeing someone.

She hit the roof in one of her famous blind rages, gathered up the children and disappeared until about teatime.

The next thing I knew the police were on the phone. She hads gone to them and told them I was threatening her.

They advised me it would be in my interest to find other accomodation that night. Basically get out or we'll throw you out. I made a telephone call, jumped in my car and drove to Reading to see Louise. I was living in Cardiff at that time. I stayed in Reading for two days and went back to Cardiff.

My wife had cooled down by then and I was able to talk with her about our situation. We both agreed our relationship was going nowhere but we had to think of the children first and foremost.

We both agreed to live under the same roof, but to be free to see whom we wanted as long as we gave the other person notice. She
also claimed that she had been asked out by a man in the office where she worked.

What I think about what I's going to write next I get very embarrassed by my naivete. In feb I announced that I was going to Reading for a few days. Big mistake! I went to Cardiff bus station to take a coach only to be ambushed by my wife, who by this time was screaming and verbalising in tones that a hardened shipbuilder would find embarrassing. I think I may have made matters worse by just ignoring her, getting on the bus and going to Reading, that was on a Thursday. I came back from Reading on the Sunday evening only to find myself surrounded by 4 police officers in the bus station. I asked what was going on and was told they would explain everything as they drove me home. They told me that my wife had disposed of my possessions and had then gone to them saying that I was going to kill her. I was a licensed shotgun holder at the time and they said that due to her allegations they were revoking my license and confiscating my guns. I went into my home and everything apart from the furniture was gone. The only clothes I had were what I was wearing and what I had in my bag.

Two days later I was issued with a summons to the county court. I went to court with my solicitor and was told that I had a week to get out of my house or be thrown out.

I duly moved out and went to stay with a friend in Cardiff. I then took on a flat about half a mile from where I used to live, so I could be as close as possible to my children.

I anticipated that there would be problem in contact with my children which there were, but managed to get an 'agreement' through mediation in the court welfare office. This lasted about two weeks and then the obstacles started arising. The house would be empty when I called. Other activities were arranged when I was to have contact and then the children didn't want to see me?

Whilst all this was going on I had the CSA to contend with asking for an extortionate amount from my wages. My wife came banging on my door exercising her non-command of the English language, as well as me working full time. Frankly, after the CSA had finished with my wages, it wasn't worth me getting out of bed, as I still paid the mortgage, debts that we had, and my rent.

I threw the towel in and resigned from my job and moved to Reading with what little possessions I had left.

I took a job that paid less than half of what I was earning in Cardiff but it was enough for me to survive. The CSA lost interest in me, but most important, I was with someone I loved, she loved me, and although we didn't have much, we were happy!

I left it a few months to let the dust settle, so to speak, and then resumed proceedings for contact with my children.

I managed to get an agreement with my wife for contact every other weekend. Although I tried to impress on the judge that a veerbal agreement with my wife was no good he refused to make an order and in fact told me to 'bite my tongue'.

Contact was resumed for a short period although as the weeks progressed contact with 4 children tapered down to 2, my wife claiming the two eldest children didn't want to go to me. I wasn't happy with this, but beggars can't be choosers.

During this time I had been promoted and was given a company car, so I was able to drive to and from Reading. One day I took my two children to Legoland in Windsor, but as we were driving back I had problems with the car.

I phoned my wife and explained thre situation. I was only 10 miles from Reading. I gave her a choice that I would go back and change cars, but that would mean the children getting home around 11pm, or they could stay with me. After much debate and accusations that I had engineered the whole situation she agreed that they could stay with me. My girlfriend was away that weekend so there was no fear of 'confusing' the children. They stayed overnight and we had a very good time, just like the old days. I took them home the next day after getting the car repaired.

We were then divorced in sept 1999. In oct I wrote and asked my ex-wife if my children could stay with me for two nights. I only live a 30 min train ride from London and wanted to take them there for a day out.

I went to Cardiff to collect them on Friday evening to drive back to Reading. When I got to the house there was no-one in, no answer on the telephone. I stayed with my mother that night and called again on sat morning. I eventually contacted my e-wife on the phone and she told me I couldn't see them but to call on Sunday. I was given no explanation, apart from my solicitor should have contacted me. Contact took place on Sunday and I went home on Monday.

I telephoned my solicitor and she told me my ex-wife didn't want me to take the children out of Cardiff, so she had contacted her solicitor and without any consultation curtailed my access to Sundays only, thus preventing me taking them on day-trips to London.

Needless to say I was not happy with what I was told. The system had let me down so on the 6th Oct 1999 I travelled down to Cardiff to ask my wife face to face why she was doing this to me and the children. I knocked on the front door but there was no answer, so I tried the back door. As I walked down the garden path, my ex-wife stormed out of the kitchen, shouting and swearing. I tol her that I had come to talk to her about the children. Her reply was "By the time I've finished, you'll never see them again you black cunt."

She turned and went inside. I followed her, only to find she was flying at me punching and kicking as I came through the door. I didn't know if she was armed or not at that time. I grabbed her left arm as I was fighting her off and spun her round. She was still fighting as I did this so I gave her a couple of blows in the kidney area to take the wind out of her sails.

Luckily this did the trick and she calmed down enough to talk sensibly.

We went into the living room, sat down, and started talking.

Her friend came in as we were talking. I left after about 15 mins.

A week later I was arrested at work by the Thames Valley Police and charged with Grievous Bodily Harm S18 + S20 and Actual Bodily Harm S47.

It was alleged that I had broken two of her ribs at the front and ruptured her spleen which had to be removed in an emergency operation.

I found myself being processed by the system, going to court, being banned from Wales, then Cardiff and eventually ending up in Cardiff Crown Court on 1st March 2000. It came out in court that my ex-wife had told her friend that I had 'beaten' her up although we had all sat in the same room for 15 mins her friend being oblivious to her 'injuries'. She went to University Hospital Wales, had X-rays taken that showed no broken bones, her abdomen was also checked; no problems reported. This was on the 6th October '99.

On 13th October she was rushed into the East Glamogan Hospital some 15 miles from Cardiff where she was found to have two broken ribs, front left hand side and a ruptured spleen. Although I protested my innocence the jury decided I was guilty of S20 GBH and S47 ABH and was sent to jail on 7th April 2000.

The rest is history as they say, apart from I'm waiting to hear about an appeal, and my solicitor has been trying to get a statement from a police officer for four months. I was given 18 months of which I have to serve 9 in prison. By the time my appeal is sorted I will probably be out of prison, but I still have my good name and reputation to clear and pick up the pieces of my life. You cannot imagine the damage all of this has done not only to me, but to Louise, my work, and all those around me.

My goal now is to clear my name and once I have done so expose the police and the courts for the corrupt and biased associations that they are. I'm not bitter as I feel that that would consume me with hatred, which would make me as bad as they are. I do however want justice to be done, and the perpetrators of the injustice meted out on me brought to task and also make their deeds public knowledge.

To finish on a high note, my relationship with Louise is stronger than ever. I still believe in parriage and there are still good women out there. My boss is going to hold a position for me to return to and my landlord has reduced my rent whilst I'm in jail, so that my partner deosn't have to suffer too much.

I hope my experience will be of use to you and anyone 'going through the mill'. I think it's important to stress that no matter what the system throws at you, don't ever give up. It can be very painful and there aill be occasions where you merely survive by the skin of your teeth. It may be too late for some of us. But we have to think of the others who find themselves on the slippery slope, and if that's not enough, think of our sons. What they achieve now will determine whether they get Justice of Just Is!

I am unable to afford membership now, but I can assure you that my hand will be going into my pocket when I'm released.

Your sincerely, [signed] Roland Primus


Dear Ivor, ………. Re your question on colour, it is me that is black and my ex-wife is white………

The significant points are …. That my ex-wife left the relative safety of a house to give me verbal abuse; notwithstanding she had been to the police on previous occasions making allegations of violance toward her. Her friend was not aware of any injuries until my ex-wife told her. She went to hospital on 6th oct 1999, was checked over and -rayed, showing no broken bones and a week later she goes to a hospital some 15-20 miles away with two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen.

The events of 7th - 13th Oct 1999 are …. One of the best kept secrets in Wales. My ex-wife knows that she has done wrong as she is keeping a very low profile where 'we' live, when once upon a time she was very gregarious.

I heard an old Red Indian proverb the other day. It goes; "If you wait next to a river long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float past".

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards Primus.