In praise of academics in general, and Dr Neil McEwan, Professor Michael Pepper and Professor Philip E Secker in particular;

Said an ape as he swung by his tail,

To his offspring both female and male,

'From your children, my dears,

In a couple of years,

May evolve a professor at Yale.'



From Oliver Heaviside.

"Whether good mathematicians, when they die, go to Cambridge, I do not know."

Ivor Catt aug00

Howie runs for cover.

Dogbite or Catbite?



To Joan Lasenby

From Ivor Catt 6feb02

Dear Joan Lasenby, p7 of the Trinity College Annual Record 2001 says that you have joined Trinity as a Fellow teaching electrical and information engineering.

I enclose a copy of my book The Catt Anomaly 2001 edn., which is also in Trinity College library. I look forward to your making a positive contribution to the resolution of a scandal that has now lasted for a third of a century. Since I was recently invited by Cambridge University Engineering Society to lecture on the Catt Anomaly, it does not seem to be going away from Cambridge. Technical competence is not required of members of Trinity and of Cambridge University. All that is needed is that a conference be convened to resolve the matter. See p55 of the book., That is, in the obvious absence of technical competence, we are only asking for administrative competence. Any financial considerations over the cost of a conference should be discussed with me.

As you will see from p67 of the book, Huxley made a fool of himself in the matter and then went incommunicado. He does not understand the duties of one in his position. This lack of any sense of responsibility demonstrated by him extends throughout science, and has led us into the present quagmire right across science.

Yours sincerely, Ivor Catt.

cc Huxley.