Charles Hanson, wife murderer.

22june00 Dear Mr. Catt, I have acquired the 'Taking Stock' booklet by Stanko and the Home Office Research Study No. 191 on Domestic Violence. It really does stretch the imagination that the general public is misled by the women M.P.s who are now campaigning to prevent (so-called) violent husbands/partners from having contact with their children. I am a life sentence prisoner convicted of domestic murder. I was exhausted at the time trying to get help, whereas my wife made all kinds of weird and wonderful allegations against me including one that I had made a threat to kill her. I was charged, held in custody and eventually acquitted unanimously by a jury.

It didn't stop there. The aggravations went on even after we divorced. In the end I stabbed her to death. I had reached the end of my tether. No one, even the police, would listen to me; I couldn't afford solicitors' fees to stop her, yet she continued to make allegations and WAS listened to, especially by social workers.

This prison, the only all lifer prison in Europe, contains mostly domestic murderers like myself. There is a clear history of frustration, anger, confusion and injustice at the way some of us were demonised by social workers, divorce courts, at child custody - access hearings, how some of us lost everything including our self esteem before we committed the ultimate act.

I have recently come across a reference book on psychology written by a Canadian woman psychologist and she referred to a Canadian Government hearing which sought to criminalise those instances where women in child custody/access hearings make bogus allegations of violence and abuse. It is estimated that about 40% of claims are bogus. The details are:- 1998 Joint Committee of the Senate and Parliament; 'For the Sake of the Children'; Report of the Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access; December 1998; Canadian Publication Services Ottawa. I have written to the Canadian Embassy for details on how to acquire the report.

I believe that this topic is deserving of wider coverage within the context of domestic violence, for it is here that so many men become victims not only of the wife/ex-wife/partner but [also] of the system that generates inequality. Perhaps you could let me know what you think. Yours sincerely, Charles Hanson.

Ivor Catt,121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR, England.

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Charles Hanson

HM Prison, Kingston, Milton Rd.,

Portsmouth PO3 6AS

Dear Charles,


Please advise whether your letter is confidential. [Wherever and whenever you want to quote me, please feel free to do so. CH, 24july00]

I visited Bernie Downes while he was in prison, (kidnapping his child off to the USA,) but later on he cut off from me, after he came out. I have had occasional letters from people in prison, but the communication fizzles out.

I need the prison dimension now that I edit Ill Eagle, and so you can help me.


Hopefully, Ill Eagle will give you an idea of the kind of area you could help me with. If you clear it, I shall start with a part of your 22june00 letter. However, it would be better if you came up with numbers, even just estimates, to make your assertions more solid.

Ideally, you would become one further member of the network of experts that I have assembled. Whiston is Govt statistics and other statistics, Yarwood and Pizzey are violence, and so on.

Also, we should plan a questionnaire for the domestic trouble lifers, and get statistics. We should take a long time devising it. Please make initial suggestions for questions.

Tell me if you have access to the Internet. I presume not. Best wishes, Ivor


24july00. Kingston Prison (as before) Dear Ivor, Thank you for your recent letter .

Kingston Prison was always a domestic lifers prison although a few non-domestic lifers are now creeping in. We domestics are never viewed very favourably by the politically correct psychologists, probation officers etc.

We are expected to undergo Offending Behaviour courses and there are specific ones for us, - Relationships, Anger Management, Spouse Homicide, Thinking Skills to name a few.

It matters not that my son from an earlier marriage was having a sexual relationship with my wife, having lost control and stabbed her I am treated like I should have just accepted it and entered therapy implying that there was something wrong with me to have objected, I am now deemed a danger to women by politically correct women probation officers and their ilk. The fact that I had been married 3 times suggests that there is something wrong with me. Who but these liberals made divorce so easy? Who but these want to see the breakdown of family and traditional values and then condemn those like me for being forced to go along with them?

Of course, I regret taking the life of the woman I loved. I can never forget it, and I will be haunted by it for the rest of my life. Life for me and for her parents will never be the same, and I don't need reminders of it. However, the politically correct will not let me forget it. I have to attend dubious courses, where I have serial bereavements.

I do not have the defences usually and only available to women; for example, PMT, abuse, provocation, the effects of HRT and Prozac. I am expected to cope, and indeed tolerate, what women would get sympathy for. As a domestic lifer I don't have the equivalent of feminist campaigns to free me. I am left with the thought that the male species are indeed the stronger. It is what by implication the feminists seem to perpetuate by holding men like me culpable. The same, however, is not true of the Sarah Thorntons of the world.

Wherever and whenever you want to quote me, please feel free to do so.

I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Charles Hanson.

P.S. I don't believe that the Home Office or the Prison Service maintain records of wife killers, or as the PC term now applies, 'Partners'. I could be wrong, however. CH


Ivor Catt,121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR, England.

(01727 864257 +44 1727 864257




Charles Hanson

HM Prison, Kingston, Milton Rd.,

Portsmouth PO3 6AS

Dear Charles,

Thank you for the lengthy telephone discussion between yourself, myself and my colleague.

You represent a major resource. Generally, men's organisations and individual male experts are excluded from the consultation process leading to future government policy and legislation (except for the occasional poodle-man, perhaps salaried by a charity: Baroness Young told the last FYC AGM that every children's charity was now anti-family). However, some of my colleagues have acted on the fringes of government quangos and the like for some time, and read vast numbers of their silly reports. This puts us in a position to make a general judgement that the level of competence, knowledge and understanding in government departments and among the relevant ministers like Straw, Boateng and Jay, is minimal. A major reason for this is that, apart from ignoring any contribution by men with expertise, all their discussions and would-be factual reporting is filtered through PC dogma. The result is that they are constitutionally unable to establish the facts. They are remarkably ignorant. I am referring to Home Office, Lord Chancellor's Dept., and other relevant departments.

I believe that, unfunded, my colleagues and I should be able to assemble an infrastructure of facts which will rise head and shoulders above the rubbish that our salaried servants wallow in. (If we were funded, Equal Opportunities policy would force us to employ some radfems, who would proceed to falsify our information bank, making it no better than that of the Home Office or the Women's Unit).

My colleagues and I are convinced that the situation will deteriorate for a further fifteen years. (At the FYC AGM, Baroness Young said it took us thirty years to get into this mess, and it would take thirty years to get out of it.) The marker of the continual deterioration with be the ever increasing suicide rate of young men. That will not prompt reform in a culture which is so hostile to young men. What will force reform, however, will be the lapse into public disorder something like twenty times worse than the Poll Tax riots, in about twenty years from now. Thus, we have plenty of time in which to establish our infrastructure of facts and understanding, to be made available in a decade or two when deep crisis has been reached.

I quote from the back cover of the original edition of Patricia Morgan, Farewell to the Family?; "Large numbers of unattached and predatory males who have never taken on the responsibilities of family life, or who have been ejected from families, now meet the classic conditions for the creation of a 'warrior class'.

When my adult son experienced the rampant perjury in our secret family courts, encouraged by judges, he said to me that we would have to lie too. (I told Circuit Judge Stockdale that the courts welcomed perjury.) Similarly, one or two of the men who want to reform the family courts argue by email that we need to lie in order to counter the lies from radfems. I am in total disagreement. Our strength will be in our ability to be rigorous about our facts. Thus, when you give us information, please bear in mind that we want it to be able, some time in the future, to survive vigorous examination for its truth.

Although they are not central to our interests, radfems have forced the centre of interest to be violence and also sexual abuse. (For instance, both of these false allegations have been made against me in perjured affidavits that Stockdale said the courts had no way to investigate.) Since radfems wallow in these subjects, we have to establish factual information in their chosen fields.

Another factor is security and continuity in your information flow. I will feel much more secure if you get two other prisoners to communicate with me. I would also be grateful if you enabled us to migrate from murder to rape and sexual abuse, both true and falsely alleged. I appreciate that you may not have access to these other classes of prisoners.

Best wishes, Ivor 27july00



To Jo Morris

I talked with you for the first time yesterday. You are in pupillage; become
a fully qualified barrister in six months' time.

Geoff Edmond, 85 Chapel Cresc., Newport, S Wales MP20 2FS tel 01633

I was today approached by telephone by Geoff Edmond (A) who lived with a
woman B for 14 years (ended).
C, the sister of B, lived with D for four years and they have a baby aged 3
Edmond says C ia a paranoid alcoholic, who came to him once saying she had
slashed her own face during trouble with her earlier boyfriend Terry Owen.

C told Edmond that more than one month ago she slashed her own breasts and
got D arrested and put on remand (jailed) on a charge that he did it. She
now asks Edmond what she can do about it. She fears losing her child if she
admits to the false allegation.

Edmond tells me that C also told her brother that she slashed her own
breasts, and her brother has made a statement to the police.

D has phoned D's lawyers on numerous occasions to tell them that C also told
him (Edmond) that she slashed herself. Although supposedly defending D, they
are fending off his information, which would confirm the statement by D to
the police. Edmond and D do not get on, but still, Edmond thinks D should
not be falsely in jail.

The trial will come up in three months from now.

I have told D to get a letter first class in the post today to D's lawyers,
to establish a date. Also copy to other parties. He should tell D's lawyers
that by delaying taking his information from him, they face the cost of
resulting further incarceration of D.

I am sending a copy of this email to Edmond.
Edmond is happy that I put the matter onto my website

This is for your information only, partly to establish the date.
I am not asking for action from you.
Ivor Catt 3aug00

cc Poodle-man Martin Bright.
My bet is that Martin Bright, journalist and Poodle-man, will not
investigate this potentially valuable copy for his employers, the Observer.

cc Stinko,, i/c so-called "violence research programme",
funded by govt. I predict that she will not want to investigate this case.

cc Betty Moxon,
Sex Offences Review, who claims that false allegations are not part of her