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Chief Librarian,

British Library,

96 Euston Rd.,

London NW1 2DB

Dear Sir,


I have approached various officials at British Library for more than a year now with an innovative proposal which could be profitable for British Liibrary and also provide a new service. BL is ideally placed to exploit the innovation. In order to get British Library in there first, so as to capture the world market, some degree of confidentiality would be helpful.

I outlined the idea for the first four or five times I approached British Library and also the Copyright Library. There has never been any reply from anybody in the British Library or the Copyright Library. I feel that now I should impose confidentiality, until after you acknowledge my approach to you.

Sinclair gave me 500,000 when he bought my computer inventions, which received a total of some 500,000 in government investment, and they came to market in 1989. Thus, I have a proven track record in innovation. (Sunday Times 12mar89 sect. D p14. Wireless World July 81, p37. Electronics and Wireless World March 1989 p254.)

Yours sincerely, Ivor

cc Kerry Pollard M.P.

House of Commons, Westminster.

Kerry, my proposal could make British Library self-financing. However, I cannot get started because nobody there will even acknowledge that I have approached them. Ivor

[Pollard MP did not reply. I Catt, 3jan01]